Ocean Star Ltd. offers an extensive range of top-quality beef products. Careful breeding, exceptional animal husbandry practices and state-of-the-art processing facilities, combined, offer consumers quality products like no other. We specialize solely on beef raised without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones. Instead, we use careful-handling to provide consistency and quality. We offer natural beef products with options for both the retail and food service industries

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Beef is a nutrient-rich food and an excellent source of magnesium, iron and vitamin D. A well-balanced diet includes at least 2 servings of meat a day, and beef provides the biggest nutrient-punch for the fewest calories.

Canadian ranchers and farmers raise their livestock on millions of acres of wide-open grasslands. Temperate climate, combined with an outstanding natural environment, provides the best possible conditions to raise healthy and productive herds. It is no surprise that Canadian beef is among the finest in the world.

Sourced from producers that meet or exceed all industry standards and best practices, we invite you to explore the variety, quality and value you’ll find in all our beef products.

Cuts of Beef

Depending on whether they are sourced from the forequarter or hindquarter, cuts can differ in their texture, the kind of cooking they are best suited for, and the dishes they are best savoured as.

For example, the beef chuck, a forequarter cut taken from the neck, shoulder blade and upper arm, is tough. Hence, braising the chuck would be an ideal method of cooking it, preferably in a beef stew or a pot roast. It is most popular as the classic 7-bone roast, the iron and the Denver steak.

Of the hindquarter cuts, the tenderloin, from the beef loin, is famous as the filet mignon, made from its tip, and the Chateaubriand, made from its centre. As the name suggests, this cut of the beef is very tender and can be cooked only using dry-heating methods, such as grilling and boiling. Short durations and high temperatures are generally recommended methods of cooking the tenderloin.