Ocean Star is proud to supply quality products from across Canada’s fishing and aquaculture industries. Fish provides a source of vitamins and minerals that can be hard to find in other food sources such as iodine, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D.


Only the best crabs are approved for delivery as live crab. Crabs are kept in tanks for a few days so they may be acclimatized and then prepared for shipment. Also, for some of our clients, who prefer the delivery of frozen crab, we supply them with the required product.


Prawns are amongst the most popular delicacies that are enjoyed across the globe and are favoured amongst our customers, especially those who operate Sushi bars. They have a sweet taste and a unique texture making them very popular.


Looking for quality, wild-caught seafood? There are over 340 varieties of shrimp that fall under the categories of warm water shrimp, freshwater shrimp and cold water shrimp. White Shrimp, Pink Shrimp and Brown Shrimp are sourced from different parts of America and Asia. Find these and more at our well-managed facility.


Canada is renowned for its Atlantic salmon. Our salmon is supplied by responsible commercial hatcheries, who abide by regulations, ensuring that the products are top notch. With our expertise, we know what our customers are looking for and we are flexible in our service delivery, which gives them great satisfaction.


Pink and spiny scallops are the most popular types that are sought after in Canada. They can be eaten cooked or raw and have great flavour. What makes our produce special? Well, our scallops are wild and alive when they are caught. Once they are brought into our facility, we would freeze them according to the standards.


We take pride in providing our customers with premium quality lobsters that are shipped to our customers, around the year. Our lobsters are available in different sizes: small culls, medium culls, small chix, regular chix, and quarters.

Oyster & Mussel

At our facility, we offer sustainably farmed oysters, clams, and mussels that come directly from our farmers. We are also equipped to supply these products around the year with our infrastructure. As reputed service providers, we work round the clock to ensure timely delivery and grade ‘A’ quality.


Swordfish is a dense and meaty grilling or baking fish. There are limited areas and supply of sustainable swordfish, most notably those caught off the east coast of the USA. Now, the most popular type is often known as pumpkin swordfish and since the meat is firm, it is typically packaged as steak.


The tuna typically weighs about 15 pounds and it is quartered lengthwise to produce two belly and two back pieces. We make sure that the tuna we sell has more fish oil that adds to the flavour and they are filleted and vacuum-packed. Our clients care about the quality of the products and we care about customer satisfaction.


Also known as the Dolphin fish, the mahi-mahi is native to warm tropical waters. Fished with an eye for perfection, our mahi-mahi is skilfully processed to maintain their piquancy and nutritional content. From sea to plate, our mahi-mahi maintains their flavourful identity.


Belonging to the family of basses, grouper fish carry a delicate flavour, which makes them irresistible to the palate. Red and black grouper fish are the two kinds of this versatile seafood, rich in omega-3 fatty acids. We cut our grouper fish into fillets and steaks and pack them so as to preserve their rich flesh.